Attending Rehearsal Matters More Than You Thought

San Francisco wedding photographerThere are a lot of revolving opinions on what does one need to do to become a professional San Francisco wedding photographer. You might be surprised to see what can attend a rehearsal do to you. We’re here to convince you that putting the extra effort into investing more time to your clients.

We know that there must be some who won’t agree in defense that they’ve also done well without having to attend the rehearsal of their clients. But let us tell you why doing to the other way can improve your value so much more.

Shows your determination

The first thing is that you get to show-off how much you are willing to do for your clients. As little as it does for you, your client doesn’t know that and simply knows that you are investing your time for him. This helps build a positive image of you. On the other hand, it’s mostly true that you need a determination to attend the rehearsal you’re invited to.

Meet those important people

You will also be let to meet the important people that will be involved in the wedding a lot. For example, you can be introduced to the family faster, so you can cut through the awkward chatting on the morning of the wedding day. This eases the process later on and parents will also be more relaxed to have their pictures taken by you.

The results would be as what Catie, a professional San Francisco wedding photographer, shows on her website hereĀ

Next, you’ll get to meet the bridesmaids and groomsmen. You know, during the dress up session you will have to do a quick introduction and explaining this and that, but what if you can cut through all that on this rehearsal? You’ll save a lot of time and even possibly get a better shot than if you had done it before meeting them through the rehearsal.

Most of the time, you never know if you can do better if you had attended the rehearsal. But we’re here to help you see that yes, it could be better!

Train for the wedding day

Things will happen really quick during the day. There won’t be any practice and whatever you got for your client, that’s it. There’s no chance to change what had happened, such as saying the vow again because one of your groomsmen had screwed up and stood in a way that blocked the view.

You, as the San Francisco wedding photographer, can help show how all of you should stand and have pictures taken perfectly. Afterward, you can go and have a look at the venue if there are any locations you can agree to have pictures taken at. Your clients can also sound their opinions on the place they think the best to have pictures taken. Later, you can arrange and plan the photography session.

These are just some benefits your clients can enjoy and eventually helps you. You don’t know if there are more things you can actually help if you attend that short rehearsal. While they might not have been part of the contract both of you agree with, you can definitely give some extra service that your client would love to tell others to promote you.