Useful Blog Tips for Wedding Photography

wedding photography basicsStick to a fairly simple formula when it comes to the kind of title that you compose.

Simplicity is fairly easy to follow through on and when it all comes down to it, it is also something that is fairly easy to compose. You start off with the first names of the bride and the groom, then you go with the name of the venue, and lastly you go with the actual location where the wedding was held in. if Jack and Jill were to be wed and you cover the wedding event and write a blog about it, this is how it should go: Jack & Jill’s Wedding, Down The Hill Hotel, Jackson, FL. If anyone fires up their search engine and puts in anything that says “wedding”, or “Down The Hill Hotel”, or “Jackson”, or “FL”; they will surely eventually be redirected to your blog.

This is why the correct composition of the title of the blog is so crucial to the success of the blog. They say if you want to do things the right way, you should make sure that you go about it the right way from the very beginning.

Start writing

You would also have to start writing if you are ever going to start a blog. If this is something that you would not consider as one of your strengths and you think that you are a bad writer; that is quite alright. You do not have to pressure yourself into producing any excellent piece of literature. You just need to go about it in such a way that you have some form of content, in the very least. Go about it slowly but surely. You will eventually find sure footing. The longer that you go about it, the better you will become. Time and practice will be your closest friends when it comes to this particular endeavor. Wedding photography blogs do not require you to write anything long, just something long enough. Get ideas from the website of this wedding photographer Bedfordshire.

Work on your image layout

Make sure that you well out of your way to really perfect it at some point. You have to keep in mind that at times, the image layout is actually far more important than the word content of the blog itself so give this your full and undivided attention. Take out approximately about thirty of your best images from the wedding and make sure that it will be enough to cover and string together the story of the wedding from the beginning right until the end.

Think of it as if you are composing a little portfolio. What you want to do is to show the main highlights of the wedding coming from the point of getting ready, to the itty bitty little details that come along with the wedding, to the photo shoot of the bride and of the groom, to the actual wedding ceremony, to the reception, and so on and so forth. What you are basically trying to do is to show your future clients the fact that covering a wedding is something that you are extremely capable of and that you can do so beautifully and professionally.

Why a Wedding Photographer Should Shoot In RAW

raw formatAs a new wedding photographer bursting out into the scene, you have probably encountered this argument over and over again at some point. There is always that ongoing rivalry between shooting in RAW and shooting in JPEG. A majority of the professional wedding photographers in field are favoring shooting in RAW and they will back that up any day of the week. What is important is that you understand that above all, the quality of the pictures that you take should come on top of the list.

So what exactly is the RAW format all about and what is so great about it that photographers everywhere and just raving all about it? It is basically a file format that has all of the image data originally recorded by the sensor of the camera the moment that the photo has been taken. Just back up a little and let that all sink it. One closest comparison is basically you being able to project exactly what you are seeing down to the smallest details (even the elements that you do not consciously see) to another person. This speaks volumes about how high quality the photos can turn out to be.

Less memory space

Whenever you shoot in JPEG, in its goal to make sure that it does not eat up too much memory space, it sacrifices image quality and most of the data or information that comes with the file ends up being compressed or just downright lost. RAW files do no such thing and they have all of the information intact. It means you get images that have higher quality and it also means that you can easily fix any flaws if there are any.

RAW also offers the highest levels of brightness out there

Levels of brightness refer to the number of steps it takes to take an image from black to white. The more levels of brightness you get, the smoother the transition, and the higher the quality of the photo. A smoother transition is always a good thing in photography talk. Just for you to be able to get things into perspective, a JPEG file has 256 levels of brightness. On the other hand, a RAW file can have anything from 4,000 all the way up to 16,000+ levels of brightness. The difference is huge. Those levels of brightness basically lets you afford way more options in brightness, contrast, fill light, exposure, recovery, and so on and so forth.

This means that you will be able to correct any possible flaws without that much difficulty and you will be able to fix a prevalent issue called posterization (similar to what you see in bible book pictures when the lights band together in the sky) which makes your print photos look icky.

You cannot afford that kind of risk of quality whenever you have something as important as paying clients involved. Quality should be your main benchmark as a Suffolk wedding photographer and should be prioritized over all of the other things out there. There is no point in applying so much technique in your shooting style if your images basically just come out looking blah.

Why Experts In Wedding Photography Go For RAW

raw formatYou get to edit without being destructive to your images.

The thing with wedding photography is the fact that you would need to get out there and actually edit them . You are a professional in the industry. You absolutely cannot submit untouched photos. It is not the way to go. RAW files will actually let you edit your photos without letting you destroy the original file. The issue with JPEG and TIFF files is that whenever you make any changes or edits on these images, you get to save the new version. We are all human and at some point or the other, you will be making mistakes in the way you edit your images. If in the event that you do make mistakes when you shoot in RAW images, you will still be able to just go back and start over again with no hiccups.

You get far better prints than usual.

Although it may technically be true that wedding photography has definitely evolved over the years because of the onset of technology and other advancements in the field, you are probably thinking that getting the photos well in print is already behind the time. Strangely enough though, it really isn’t. Clients at some point still appreciate the novelty of good looking pictures in print. RAW images basically bring in finer gradation when it comes to tones and colors. What that technically results to is far better quality than usual. You get to minimize the banding which means that you are assured of great looking prints.

You get to choose from any color space available in the spectrum.

To be honest, in the world of people new to wedding photography, color space is something that is a bit complex to talk about. The thing with shooting in RAW is the fact that it will let you choose from any kind of color space when you are exporting it to a program. This gives you the freedom to basically adjust depending on the situation and depending on the circumstances. You can opt for different kinds of variations in the color space. Are you uploading your photos up on the web? Are you sending it over to a client? Are you print them out in print? Different scenarios call for different color spaces.

You get to breeze through large numbers of images and work efficiently.

When you are a professional in the wedding photography field, you are dealing with tons of images to edit and sometimes you are not given a lot of time to sort through them at some point. It is extremely crucial for you to make sure that you establish a really great and efficient workflow. RAW images let you upload and work with images in bulk especially if you use powerful programs out there such as Aperture and Lightroom.

It is just the most professional option available out there for as far as wedding photography hertfordshire is concerned. Since you are running a business, you should be running a tight ship. RAW images are just the pro option out there, period.

Tips For Successful Wedding Photography

wedding photographyInclude the bride and groom in the artistic process of filming the wedding.

It may probably be true that wedding photography should mainly be left to the control of the Sussex wedding photographer but at the end of the day, it is the bride and groom who hold all the shots. Whether you would like to admit this or not, the bride and groom should get most of the say into what goes on in the artistic process of planning out your wedding photography session.

Take the time to really sit down and talk to them. Ask them what they would like to do. Ask them what they are expecting from hiring you. Discuss and itemize everything with them. Clearly outline what they should be getting and what they are not getting. Managing expectations is everything in ensuring client satisfaction and smooth relations.

Keep an open mind and do not allow your religious preferences to get in the way.

The truth of the matter is that there are tons of different religions out there. And more often than not, they may not always be in line with what you believe in. Wedding photography is all about keeping an open mind and being cool about it. There is no need to react wildly if people do not share the same beliefs that you do. The point of the matter is that you are providing a professional service and it has nothing to do with your religious preferences in any way, shape or form.

Remember that the bride is the most important focus of the wedding.

Do not neglect her. The bride is every photographer’s best friend. Wedding photography is all about making sure that satisfaction is guaranteed and expectations are managed as much as possible. You should go well out of your way in making sure that you pose the bride well and you highlight all of her best features and make sure that she basically comes out looking beautifully in the wedding photos. Establish a good and working relationship with the bride and do everything to keep her happy.

A little preparation can really go a long way.

This is not a case of coincidence or anything similar to that. It is a matter of structured routine and getting a lot of practice as well. Visit the venue well ahead of time and whip out your camera to do a few practice shots. If you can include the bride and groom in this practice, then that would be awesome. You can prop this up as an engagement shoot and add it on your price packages.

Do a little pep talk for the bridesmaids before the bridal march.

There are too many instances where the bridesmaids end up looking dull or sad or just looking at the ground during the bridal march. Wedding photography is all about making great looking photos. Give them a little pep talk and tell them to smile because it will mean a world of difference for the photos.

How to Be an Excellent Wedding Photographer

wedding photography tipsWedding photography is one of the most challenging photography niches out there. The customer base is almost always there and it never runs out. It is showing no signs of slowing down in any way, shape or form, either. People are always getting married day in and day out all throughout the year. It is an amazing customer base and you not totally crazy if this is something that you would like to get into at some point. It is not as easy as it may sound but it is also not something that is impossible to do.

All you need is just the right kind of gear, the right kind of preparation, some techniques, and right kind of attitude to go along with it and you should pretty much be good to go. This may be hard to believe but you will be able to hit the ground running once you have all of the elements and all of the variables set in place.

Get your gear in check and have more than just one or two cameras for the coverage.

What you are looking into here is a pair or so of high quality DSLR cameras that can deliver high quality and high resolution images. The first two cameras are basically your main ones and ideally, you should mount your two main lenses on them. The first lens should be a telephoto lens which will let you take close-ups of people and things from afar. The second lens that you should mount should be a wide angle lens that will let you take group photos without running the risk of cutting or cropping any people out at some point. You will also be taking into account the breathtaking architectural designs that you will be able to fit into your framing with this kind of lens. The third camera is basically your reserve one. It will serve you well for when something happens to your first two cameras. It will let you pick up where the other cameras have left off.

Get as much experience as you possibly can.

You can’t start launching a career and be an actual professional wedding photographer without gaining some kind of experience first. Work with that you have. You don’t have to go with anything big just yet. You can start off by covering weddings for friends and family members as a favor. Try to offer it out for free at first just so that you get to have a lot of takers. You may also want to shadow with a more established Lancashire wedding photographer in one of his own wedding events and learn a thing or two from them.

Visit the wedding venues before the actual wedding day.

Scouting the location ahead of time will get you the advantage of familiarizing yourself with the place and taking some practice shots. You will be better aware of the way the lighting comes into play, where the best spots are, and basically how to position the people you are taking photos of.

Start writing

If you don’t know how to do this just yet, this would be the perfect time for you to start writing. Create a blog and supply it with great content. It might require hard work but if you are willing to work it out, it should pay off once you are able to establish your presence online.

Finding the Right Wedding Photographer For You

  1. wedding photographyDo your research properly and get a list of your prospects.

Cross them off as you go along so that you can come up with your short list. You should start off by listing down all of the wedding photographers in business in the area. Sometimes, it is as simple as flipping through the yellow pages. These days, yellow pages are not as tangible. Everything is pretty much online nowadays so that might be something that you might want to more or less try out. Also look things up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other social media platforms. You can usually look things up based on geographical areas and you can zero in on your area in particular.

2. Check out the portfolios of the wedding photographers being posted online.

They usually showcase nothing but the best of their works there. Wedding photographers usually treat their portfolios like gold. This is something that they nurture and they take care of like a fragile little baby. You are looking for something that has order and attention to detail. More importantly, you are looking for photographic works that really impress you more than anything else. If the works in the portfolios do not impress you at all, then there is really not much point in moving forward with a certain photographer.

3. Ask for recommendations from the people you know.

Ask the wedding photographer you are interviewing if you can contact some of their previous clients so you can ask about their work ethics, performance, and so on and so forth. A good word put in is something that can be quite hard to disregard. Ask around for people who might have worked with wedding photographers in the past as well. Ask them how the wedding photographer works. Ask them how they conduct themselves when they are in the middle of covering wedding events. You need someone who is versatile and adaptable and blends well and reacts well to circumstances being handed out to him.

4. Figure out what kind of turnaround time the wedding photographer derby is willing to offer you and let that factor in on your decision.

You need someone who works decisively and someone who works fast. The best margin of turnaround time that you are looking for is roughly a few days after the wedding event takes place. It should not be longer than a week after the wedding. You will end up being bored brought on by the anticlimax of all of that waiting around. If you can try to find someone who is skilled enough for a same-day edit, then perhaps that is also an option that you might want to check out.

5. Review the price packages the wedding photographer is offering out to you and try to compare that with the other price offerings so far.

Go with the best one that brings in the best value for your money in comparison to the kind and amount of service that you are getting. You want to go for something that is competitive but still has all of the services included.

Tips for Wedding Photographers When Going Pro

wedding photograpy tips1. Get a team to help you out and never go in alone.

We cannot reiterate this emphatically enough. Again, weddings are extremely difficult to cover. The venues are usually extremely huge and wide and just one man covering for everything will not be enough at all. He will end up stretching and spreading himself out too thin. Wedding photographers know exactly what goes down during a wedding coverage and that is why they are wise enough to really make sure that they have a solid team of wedding photography professionals to back them up all the time. It makes the tasks easy to cover and it makes it much easier to stay on course and make sure that all of the must-have shots are being taken as per request of the clients.

2. Set up an online blog and make sure that you commit to updating it with high quality content routinely.

Wedding photographers like Hampshire wedding photographer, know the importance of having blogs setup and the crucial key there is to make sure that you invest heavily on SEO. This will make sure that your site gets enough traffic to really drum up enough clients to see your business through. Try to pick a day of the week for you to post your new entries in just so that your followers when to look out for new content. This requires full commitment and a lot of patience so if this is something that is not easy coming for you just yet, take it easy and take it slow and it should start coming in pretty easily.

3. Gain some serious amount of experience first before you even think about taking on any clients professionally.

If someone comes in and you have not started out your business just yet in a sense wherein you have not necessarily had any kind of experience yet as a wedding photography, then this is probably something that you should turn down. Work on getting your experience first. Offer your assistance out to some more experienced wedding photographers and see if they can take you in. you may also want to cover the weddings of friends and family members first as a favor before taking on actual paid clients.

4. Be meticulous when it comes to arranging your portfolio and make sure that it is something that will be able to represent you well.

Your portfolio should showcase nothing but the best of your works and should be able to represent the style of photography that you stand for. You should constantly update it with your new works. If you think that something is of subpar quality or if it is something that you are not exactly particularly fond or proud of, then you should hold off and not post it in at all. Only go for the projects that you think are your absolute best.

5. Take a minimum of three cameras with you when you are out and covering wedding events.

You need at least three professional grade high quality cameras to start off your career. The first two cameras are meant to be used as your main ones. Your primary cameras should house your two basic lenses and should be used interchangeably. You are probably wondering what the third camera is for. The third camera is basically meant to be your reserve gear.

Perfect Wedding Photographers and Why They Are So Hard To Find

dslr camera 3Equipment

High end and high quality equipment are extremely expensive and it’s rare to find wedding photographers who consider this as an utmost investment and do not shy away from the costs in any way whatsoever. It comes without saying technology has paved the way for some almost magical breakthroughs in the world of photography but they come with a price and not everyone is willing to for it. However, anyone and everyone who is worth his salt would know that only the best of equipment can bring in the best of pictures and that is what you should be looking out for.

Price Packages

Excellent wedding photographers put in more time than initially quoted in the price packages because they are more concerned about the quality of the output or the photos than the number of man hours being put it. Some wedding photographers are only willing about completing the number of hours they are putting in and will be charging extra for any excesses. Wedding photographers who are more concerned about the quality of their work over the amount of money they are getting are far and few in between.


It is difficult to find someone who really takes the time to meet with the clients and list all of the details that the clients want or the things that have been agreed upon and make sure that they are satisfied and committed upon down to a T. There are some people who are not that at ease with talking it out to people so it is very valuable if you get to find yourself a wedding photographer who is willing to really spend the time to sit down and get everything sorted out and make sure that you get everything that you could ever want and need – or more.

Solid team

The best wedding photographers out there have solid teams of professionals behind them and teams cost a lot of money and not a lot of them would be willing to invest in a team. Teams mean a lot of people are involved – usually a minimum of three; and they cost money. However, if you are paying top dollar for the services of wedding photographers, then you might as well make sure that you get to have nothing but the very best among the best.

Complete Package

It is also quite rare to find someone who is the complete package, someone who can both film and touch up the photos post shoot as well. It requires a specific kind of technical skill for wedding photographers to be able to touch up and fix the photos and come up with professionally finished photos. Not all photographers out there have the right kind of formal training to go along with it so it’s important for you to make sure that you really seek out nothing but the most perfect wedding photographers for your needs. Choose someone who took photography courses and really knows what he or she is doing. You get this in order and all well in place and you should be able to close in on the gaps in between.

Popular Wedding Video Tips You Can Use

Get a separate camera for your wedding video filming

More often than not, if you have stumbled upon the good fortune of being hired to film the wedding video, chances are, you were hired to take care of the wedding photography side of things as well. If this is the case (and oftentimes it really is), then you would need to make sure that you have a separate camera allotted solely for the filming of the video. You just can’t do them both at the same time using the same camera. It won’t make sense. And unless you would like to suffer from photographic schizophrenia (pun intended) anytime soon, you should be wise enough to get enough gear for the two separate coverage responsibilities.

wedding video tipsInvest in a stable and high enough tripod for stability

Hand held videos are extremely notorious for being unstable and shaky. A professional who is paid to shoot a wedding video york should be wise enough not to just hold the camera by hand all throughout the wedding event. Seriously, save yourself the trouble and invest in a nice and stable tripod that is at least five meters tall. You may not know this yet but your clients will eventually thank you for not inducing motion sickness in them when they watch your finished wedding video.

Get someone else to help you out

There is no way of arguing around this. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing this for years or if you’ve just started yesterday. The truth of the matter is that this is simply something that you cannot do alone. Professional wedding videographers and photographers always come in teams and the reason behind that is that at the end of the day, having a team to back you up gets the job done and mitigates any possible risks that may come along with having just one person cover the entire event all alone. We’d also like to go back to the fact and wedding videography and photography are two separate entities and should thus be manhandled by two or more people and not just one person.

Draw out a theme or a plot to follow

Your video should not just be a series of clippings smacked together that don’t make sense or rhyme or reason. You need a solid plot in order for you to be able to more or less bring the story together. Sit it out with the bride and groom and ask them what direction would they like their wedding video to head towards. Think of it as your blueprint for the entire thing.

Scout the location ahead of time so you can piece the spots together before the actual filming

Visit the locations ahead of time just so that you get to have a feel for the place. This will also let you envision the spots you would like to film in and what particular actions or poses you would like the bride and groom to do and how it will add up to the story board you have created for the video.

Learn how to video edit so you can touch up the raw video for processing

As with pictures, videos need touching up too after the filming process. Attend some classes or seminars for you to at least learn the basics of video editing and get your hands on great video editing software for the end process.

How To Be Competent with Natural Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsNatural wedding photography is something that a lot of couples are aiming for these days and something that you should have up your sleeve as a professional wedding photographer. When people look casual and at ease, they are able to come up with really relaxed looking photos that fit with the fresh, story-telling vibe of a documentary style wedding theme. It is not always as easy as it looks. There are a lot of tips and tricks that photographers pull off just to make the pictures look particularly natural and candid. It may seem a bit tongue in cheek but that really is the truth. You need to be confident in this particular style so you can bring your photos together and string them into a nice natural theme. Here are a few tips you can try out to up your natural wedding photography game.

Never film a subject who looks uncomfortable

Photographers need to be more sensitive to their subjects’ needs, wants, and yes, even moods – at least throughout the duration of the photo shoot. If a subject tends to look uncomfortable, talk to him or her. Go through the efforts of making your subjects feel comfortable before you film them. They will thank you for this.

Have your subjects do the walking routine

Walking back and forth makes the pictures look like they are following a story that they cannot hear but can only tell through visuals – sort of similar to how a silent movie works. This works particularly nice on couples. Egg them on to keep walking but be careful of the pace. A pace that’s too slow may end up looking fake while one that’s too fast may end up with a lot of blurred photos.

Advice groups to be more physically attached to each other during the photo shoot

Group pictures are absolute requirements in natural wedding photography and one great way to make them look authentic and less contrived would be if the group is physically connected to each other at some point. Have them huddle closer to each other, hold each other, or just be physically connected. It works great in the pictures.

Welcome a little fun and personality in the pictures

Encourage the subjects to let their personalities shine out and bring a little fun in the photos that way. It doesn’t always have to be so serious. Encourage them to have fun and laugh some more during the shoot.

Look out for people who are deep in conversation

Conversations bring out the most interesting of reactions and facial expressions. A great wedding photographer Hertfordshire will be keen enough to capture those moments in the raw.

Have the bride look away from the camera

Your bride is your priority and is your main client so posing her is your priority. Go for that candid, not wanting to be photographed look by having the bride look away from the camera, preferably looking downwards at times. It will evoke mystery and beauty in the pictures.