3 Corporate Video Production Styles You Need to Know

Corporate video productions are very versatile tools.

corporate video productionThey can serve an entertaining purpose or they can be used as educational material. For organizations, these videos are a means to keep employees up to date on latest policies in the organization or practices they must adhere by. Due to the way digitalization is making globalization all the more easy, corporate videos are now more important than ever before.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the ways corporate videos can be put to use. Some of them are:

  • Online Commercials

Those commercials that pop up in-between watching a video on sites like Dailymotion and YouTube are standard examples of what corporate videos are. The good thing about these online commercials is that they are not bound by the limited 1 minute second that TV commercials have to adhere to. They can be as long as 3 minutes.

For online commercials, a large budget is not needed as a small budget with a good story line is still enough to pass a message across. At the end of the day, when these videos are placed on social media platforms, they end up generating a lot of views for the companies.

  • Training videos

Like we established before, corporate video production can be put into use in various ways. One such example is the use of the videos to train staff. For major corporations, they spend a lot of money on the constant training of their staff especially when it is mandated by law or a regulatory body. The organizations understand that they are at risk of facing a fine if they are found to be in breach of this.

So, what can an organization with several employees do to ensure that the training reaches all staff at an allotted time? The answer is through training videos. Research shows that individuals are more receptive to learning when it is in video form.

  • Testimonials

Ever been to a website before and under the home page, instead of seeing lines of text from consumers leaving testimonials, you see a video? Well this is another usefulness of corporate videos. Business owners can easily arrange for clients and customers to appear on camera to shoot a testimonial about their experience with the company’s product. Instead of reading lines of text, visitors to the site or on TV can easily watch what the customer has to say.

  • Promotions

Another form which corporate videos are utilized is in the creation of promotion ads. A company can have a sale or discount session coming up. One of the ways to promote it is by creating a video that emphasizes on the things that are up for grabs. These items are bound to catch the eyes of the average consumer and it also increases the likelihood of patronage. Insurance companies and shopping websites are examples of organizations you are likely to find making use of videos for promotion sake.

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4 Things to Remember in Commercial Videography

commercial videographers WaterfordAfter you do the same thing for years, it’s common to forget certain things that you used to do. It could be a habit or simply the laziness to do them. Let’s rehearse ourselves through this article in shooting commercial videos. Commercial videographers Waterford can learn a thing or two from here.

Consider clients’ purpose

It’s important that we consider the people’s purpose of hiring us to shoot the commercial video. We often think that all we need to do is to shoot great videos, edit them and send them to our clients. It looks good, yes, but it is not delivering the message that your clients. Make sure that while you shoot, you are showing sides that your clients want to be seen.

One way to find out is to ask them directly what they want to do with the video. For example, if you know that the video is going to be played in a lounge while people wait, it has to be something that helps brief guests what it is about and how the company is doing great in it. It could be something fun or a recent event that you did, yet it cannot be too vague that the people don’t know what’s going on.

Get b-rolls

Depending on what kind of commercial you are shooting, the longer it is, the more b-rolls you must take. Fillers help the people understand what’s going on and may stir up more emotions in them. For example, for a graduation ceremony, you want to shoot some of the hats and robes that the students are wearing.

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Reliable interviews

Commercial videos are never complete without convincing statements from experts or owners. These people are able to make statements that people will believe due to their power or knowledge. It is always better than simply stating the great things about the place, service or product without any credible review or explanation.

Yet, there are also times when the vide may as well be commercial without trying to sound like a salesman. These kinds of videos rely more on aesthetics quality of the scenes, showing parts that touch the hearts and mood of the viewers.

Be consistent

Professional commercial videographers Waterford often get offers to shoot for the really different genre of videos. Many people don’t really understand the differences between videographers and it’s understandable how some can do that. However, as a professional, you have to set yourself different from others and that can mean lifetime discipline to yourself.

The impact will be great in the long-term. Many videographers are confused with how they should present their portfolios. They don’t what they are good in and are unable to show what kind of commercial they are best in! Your clients don’t have time to analyze your portfolios and if you are unable to brief them on what your profession is, you will have a hard time trying to succeed.

Don’t be mistaken as it doesn’t mean you do the same tricks and use the same clips for every client. It just means that you choose your works carefully to the ones that will benefit you in the long-run as well.