How to Best Identify an Alternative Wedding Photographer

alternative wedding photographerSo you want to get married but don’t want to tie the knot in a traditional way? Well, the answer to your innermost desire can be provided by an alternative wedding photographer.

What is alternative wedding photography?

Alternative wedding photography is about photographing a wedding that is unique to the couple’s taste. If you want to say “I Do” at midnight on top of a mountain, then you can have what is called an alternative wedding photography. It is simply about you and your fiancée, about what you both want to happen on your special day. Your wedding day will focus on the two of you, without any regard to tradition or the norm. The best alternative wedding photographer can handle your unique wedding, and can follow the documentary style of photography to capture every special moment as it happens. If you have some crazy ideas about how you want your wedding to happen and look like, then you need an equally crazy adventurous wedding photographer to match your style which you can find in

Identifying alternative wedding photographer

There are actually many alternative wedding photographers in the market today, but there are times when they brand themselves as documentary wedding photographers, and so it is quite difficult to spot the ones who do alternative wedding photography. However, there are ways to find the one that best fit your needs.

Ask for referrals

Ask people you know if they have encountered the work of an alternative wedding photographer, and ask for a referral. Sometimes it is much better to hire a wedding photographer who had provided their services to a friend of yours. That way, you will have an honest referral and review regarding the wedding photographer candidate. And chances are you were there when the wedding photographer was doing wedding photography for your friend.

Search the internet

The internet holds all the information that you need when you search for your special kind of wedding photographer. There will be numerous options, but narrow it down to the wedding photographer whose portfolio matches what you desire. Always check the reviews left by their previous clients, and weigh your options carefully. For you to have a feel of how you will get along with the wedding photographer you have your eyes on, ask for a personal meeting and see if you can bond with the wedding photographer, and if you like the style of photography offered to you.

Ask the photographers themselves

During your meeting with the potential wedding photographer for your big day, do not hesitate to ask if the wedding photographer handles alternative wedding photography, and how does one go around that type of photography. Never be shy about asking anything concerning your wedding day, and if you feel like this is the right alternative wedding photographer to document your special wedding day, then discuss the details about your unique wedding and talk about the terms of the wedding photography. Once everything is settled, create a contract for the wedding photography, and both parties can sign the contract to seal the deal for an alternative wedding photography.

Why Is Insurance Important for a Professional Wedding Photographer Billericay

wedding photographer BillericayAs a photographer, you want to do your best in proving to your clients that you are the right person for them. You also want to protect your career from any harming incidents which are always eyeing for when you put down your guard. Photographers losing their cameras and expensive equipment isn’t unheard of and as a wedding photographer Billericay, you have worries about that, too!

There are many ways to prevent these things, such as working at a space with a moderate security level, such as a CCTV and security guards on the perimeter. Well, they are just guards who take care of the place and prevent suspicious people from trespassing, not exactly trained cops. The CCTV is the best bet, but even that can be challenging when you have to actually look among the hundreds of guests around.

But there’s one thing you are sure of: insurance can definitely replace the value of what you have lost. You cannot prevent people from stealing when that’s already their plan, but you can anticipate and provide your own solution for it.

Replace your equipment

And here’s the first big benefit of having an insurance as a wedding photographer. The equipment that you spent hundreds of dollars on can be easily stolen when you sleep, when you work when you simply let your eyes off for a second. The insurance company will gladly help you replace it with the same amount of money you spend on purchasing it.

Not just that, when you own a professional studio of your own as a wedding photographer Billericay like Chris Woodman Photography, that studio is also your working space. And losing that place to a natural disaster would be devastating, but you can’t help it. It’s also something that you know can happen anytime. And it’s not like you can move the studio.

The company will also provide insurance to help you repair the studio or working space. You don’t have to work so hard just to spend them on repairing your equipment and studio in the future!

Get that proof of insurance

When you purchase an insurance, the company will provide you with the proof of insurance that you can show to people who requires it. Sometimes, clients also need you to be insured as they know how convenient it is. In fact, you get insured saves them a lot of trouble during the wedding!

A wedding photographer Billericay with a proof has higher chances of landing the deal because clients will consider them more professional. Some also know the extra benefits for them! There’s also the fact that wedding venue owners often require wedding photographers to have proof of insurance for safety purposes.

It’s an investment!

When you take out an insurance, that money are not completely gone because they are a type of investment done for the company. You are not spending hundreds of dollars, but investing them and ensuring that your future is more secure. As a professional wedding photographer Billericay, getting an insurance will also prevent you from being seen as reckless one.

Hiring a Same Sex Wedding Photographer

same sex wedding photographerSame sex marriage is growing more popular these days, and the legality of it has been recognized in many places. Though same sex relationships still have an enigma that some people steer clear from, loving someone with the same gender is not something to be ashamed of. When you happen to have the luck of falling in love with person of your gender and plan to get married, then you need a same sex wedding photographer who fully understands the LGBTQ+ community.

A wedding photographer does not need to be a gay or lesbian to be a perfect wedding photographer for a same sex wedding, but the professional wedding photographer needs to be fully aware and sympathetic of what you and your partner is going through. However, if you can find a wedding photographer who is a member of the LGBTQ+ society, then much better.

Why choose a photographer with an LGBTQ+ association

Wedding photographers are generally trained and skilled to capture special moments of couples who are with the opposite sex. It has been that way since cameras were invented. Same sex weddings are fairly new, and though many argue that taking photographs are the same for same sex or opposite sex, it is actually not true. Same sex weddings are more emotional than others, because at one point in your life, you have thought that your dream of marrying someone who has the same gender as you is impossible. Growing up, you have learned to accept the fact your same sex relationship will always lead some few people to walk away from you, or for one or two relatives to forget you ever existed. It is definitely hard living years of your life building the self-confidence that you need to make people see you as a competent professional in your chosen field and gain respect. A wedding photographer, no matter how good, can only capture the true essence of a same sex wedding if the same sex wedding photographer is also a member of the LGBTQ+ community. You will share those years of deep desire to belong, the utmost happiness that same sex marriage is now possible, and your wedding photographer has the capability to know when a special exchange of looks happen, when a secret smile holds a powerful meaning, and capture it all in a high quality camera and lenses.

An heirloom of photographs

On your wedding day, you get to start a new life with the person you have fought for against everyone and everything in the world. You have had hard times facing society, but with the solid support system of your closest family and friends, you both made it. It is crucial that your same sex wedding photographer can seize your heartwarming moments and turn them into a priceless work of art, an heirloom that you and your partner can treasure for as long as you live, and share with your family. Paul Grace Photography is a same sex wedding photographer who is proud to be gay and has a relaxed way of taking photographs.

Beginner’s Guide: How to Cultivate a Professional Image

luxury wedding photographyAs a beginner in providing luxury wedding photography, you are not closed to the chance of paving your way to a professional stage. In fact, becoming a professional is something that gets easier if you start early. Image of a wedding photographer can get stuck for a very long time if you don’t build it right from the get-go.

And here is your first step: start right now. If you are already starting your wedding photography business, start creating a professional image right now. If you can get your first client to think that you are, the rest of the clients will be easier to convince. Word-of-mouth from clients will also turn into a positive one that shares about you being a new, professional wedding photographer.

Taking the first step is hard, but maintaining that consistency is even harder. As a matter of fact, you need to think of becoming better every day. Improvement cannot be seen daily, but as time goes by, you need to set a goal to become better. For example, you can try to be better at handling clients that are located further away. You can also learn how to best reply to emails from potential clients.

You can also do this by asking your past clients what are the things that they enjoyed the most. It will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. You can maintain your strong points and focus on improving your weaknesses.

Another way to do it is to have professional experiences before starting out on our own. There is already a lot of established professional luxury wedding photography service and we especially like one by Go and get some experiences that you can show to your future clients because nothing counts like field experience.

While you do this, you need to remember that a wide network of wedding photographers can never hurt. As a solo wedding photographer, you never know when troubles will come and prevent you from doing your best. When that happens, you can always contact professional photographers to help replace you when you can’t do the job.

Clients also like it better if they know their photographer is prepared for the worst. Anything unpredictable can happen and it’s always better to take a safe step for something as important wedding photography.

Another safety measure you can take is to become insured yourself. We know that there are also clients who don’t really take it seriously because what are the chances of encountering an accident at your wedding that is related to your photographer? Yet, we cannot dismiss the possibilities.

A wedding photographer would be stupid if he doesn’t take good care of his own gears!

Insurance can protect the loss or damage done to your gears and allow you to replace them with a new one. You don’t want to work so hard only to buy a new camera because it got stolen. There are also various aspects of the business that insurance companies can protect, so you definitely need to check them out.

Lastly, it’s wise to think that being called a professional in luxury wedding photography is not the endgame. That title can be easily stripped away once people are seeing that you don’t improve. That’s right, you might have been as good as you were 10 years ago, but things change so fast and you always need to catch up.

Contract and Fine Print: 5 Things You Need to Know

Sheffield wedding photographerThe fine print of your wedding photography may contain things that can actually surprise you! In truth, many people often learn about the legality of their contract when they’re facing the court. It often puts them in disadvantages against their Sheffield wedding photographer. You, right now, have the chance to understand the content first and even avoid having to go to the court!

It’s even more important that you can read the details of the contract before you sign them. And here are 5 things about wedding photography’s legal terms that you need to know.

Copyright ownership

The ownership of a copyright is rarely given to the client. It’s something that is automatically owned by the photographer the moment he snapped that pictures. It’s up to him whether or not he wants to give it to you regardless of the fact that you paid him for his service as your photographer.

The limitations of not being the owner of the pictures can range from not being to sell the pictures to post them online without the consent of the photographer. Yes, it can mean a lot of problems if your photographer decides to sue based on this alone.

However, photographers will usually provide pictures of smaller resolution with watermarks for their clients. It can be posted wherever and whenever you want.

Photographer(s) in charge

It’s also important to see if the name of the photographer in charge is stated in there. Most clients that hire their photographer for more than one session are quite surprised to see that during the extra session or hours, it’s not their main photographer that come.

If this is a problem for you, be sure to make it clear to your photographer with who you want to see working on all your sessions. For example, if you’d like to work with a professional Sheffield wedding photographer from, remember to tell him that you can accept having an assistant to help. But you don’t want him to become the person in charge of any of the session.

Pictures provided

Some photographers like to boast about how many pictures they can provide for you. Obviously, a number of pictures cannot sum up to those who took care of snapping every moment with a keen eye. Rather than a bunch of pictures that are simply repetitive, it’s better to have pictures taken with meaning.

Yet, this shouldn’t be the reason that your photographer isn’t taking more pictures. Every moment of your wedding is precious in that you’ll never be able to go back to that time anymore. Every you prepared for that day can only be enjoyed on that day. You want your photographer to also understand this sentiment and be able to take as many memorable pictures as possible.

Typically, photographers will provide more than what they promise, so it’s obviously a problem if yours can’t.

Return policy

There’s no such thing as a return policy in photography. However, in the case that you’re not satisfied with what you see, how can you be compensated? The case of ‘unsatisfactory’ wedding pictures can be very subjective. That is why it’s better to have this part stated clearly in the contract and fine print from your Sheffield wedding photographer.

Attending Rehearsal Matters More Than You Thought

San Francisco wedding photographerThere are a lot of revolving opinions on what does one need to do to become a professional San Francisco wedding photographer. You might be surprised to see what can attend a rehearsal do to you. We’re here to convince you that putting the extra effort into investing more time to your clients.

We know that there must be some who won’t agree in defense that they’ve also done well without having to attend the rehearsal of their clients. But let us tell you why doing to the other way can improve your value so much more.

Shows your determination

The first thing is that you get to show-off how much you are willing to do for your clients. As little as it does for you, your client doesn’t know that and simply knows that you are investing your time for him. This helps build a positive image of you. On the other hand, it’s mostly true that you need a determination to attend the rehearsal you’re invited to.

Meet those important people

You will also be let to meet the important people that will be involved in the wedding a lot. For example, you can be introduced to the family faster, so you can cut through the awkward chatting on the morning of the wedding day. This eases the process later on and parents will also be more relaxed to have their pictures taken by you.

The results would be as what Catie, a professional San Francisco wedding photographer, shows on her website here

Next, you’ll get to meet the bridesmaids and groomsmen. You know, during the dress up session you will have to do a quick introduction and explaining this and that, but what if you can cut through all that on this rehearsal? You’ll save a lot of time and even possibly get a better shot than if you had done it before meeting them through the rehearsal.

Most of the time, you never know if you can do better if you had attended the rehearsal. But we’re here to help you see that yes, it could be better!

Train for the wedding day

Things will happen really quick during the day. There won’t be any practice and whatever you got for your client, that’s it. There’s no chance to change what had happened, such as saying the vow again because one of your groomsmen had screwed up and stood in a way that blocked the view.

You, as the San Francisco wedding photographer, can help show how all of you should stand and have pictures taken perfectly. Afterward, you can go and have a look at the venue if there are any locations you can agree to have pictures taken at. Your clients can also sound their opinions on the place they think the best to have pictures taken. Later, you can arrange and plan the photography session.

These are just some benefits your clients can enjoy and eventually helps you. You don’t know if there are more things you can actually help if you attend that short rehearsal. While they might not have been part of the contract both of you agree with, you can definitely give some extra service that your client would love to tell others to promote you.

Newborn and Baby Photos Dublin: How they are Different

baby photos DublinMothers who want to have some baby pictures of their children may not notice the difference between newborn and baby photos Dublin.

As a matter of fact, yes, they are different! In fact, the method to shoot the pictures between these two type of babies is different. We will be telling how these are different and help you make sure that you get a complete early documentation of your little baby.

Newborn photography

Newborn sessions are typically done in the early days of the baby’s life. Your photographer will ask your due date because the session can only be scheduled after you’ve delivered. How early? As early as the 5th day of his life!

Yes, that sounds rushed, but trust me, I’ve seen enough friends who treasured their newborn pictures that are taken from the phone like diamonds. They can’t stop looking at it and uploading them to their social media accounts.

Newborns are very different during their early days. They show characteristics that are similar to when they were still conceived. They sleep a lot and aren’t aware of the things around them. Because of this, the most seen poses in newborn pictures are done with closed eyes: when they sleep.

Flexible photographer

Due to the nature of their job, they need to be able to provide mothers with flexibility. You can’t decide when you’ll have your child, thus, your photographer has to be willing to free up several days in order to schedule a session for you.

Caring mother

Mothers will play a big role in the photography to happen smoothly. You’ll have to feed the baby before the session to ensure that it’s full and comfortable throughout the session. While you may be tired, your photographer will also want to invite you to be included in the pictures.

Baby photography

With baby photos Dublin like  you’ll be able to guess that babies of all ages, except newborns, fall under this category. There’s no need to rush the date and you can have your pictures taken at a time that you are comfortable with.

Most parents come to photographers to have their baby’s pictures taken for several reasons.They want to commemorate the small milestones their baby achieved. Because of this, most photographers will offer you different packages that include several baby photography session that spreads out throughout the year or several years.

The process of both sessions is similar. You’ll either come to the studio or have a photographer come to your house to have some lifestyle photography done. You’ll also be asked for help when necessary during the session to help move and pose the baby.


A lot of creativity goes on among different baby photographers. Some come up with long-term offers that allow you to be tied and pay on a discounted rate. Some come up with unique themes that demand unique methods of capturing the pictures and props utilization.

It all falls into how creative your photographer is. Baby photos Dublin can become a fun session if your photographer is eager enough to come up with different props every now and then.

Wedding Photography: Why Twice the Price?

North Wales wedding photographerIt’s not cheap to hire a professional North Wales wedding photographer. None of those experts will tell you that it’s affordable because that is complete bull. Quality products and services will always demand premium prices and we are here to help you understand.

The point is that cheap wedding photographers always come with a catch: they can’t charge high because they are lacking in things that those professionals can offer you.

Precious time spent to get to know you more

A professional North Wales wedding photographer once said that to be able to capture the pictures in a way they want is to know about those people personally. It is important to make time to just sit and chat over a cup of coffee or tea. Most of the time you’ll see photographers telling you that consultation is completely free, and they often have to spend a few minutes to hours to explain things to you.

It’s not like they can work on other things, so actually, this is among the things you are paying for if you hire them.

Precious time spent to know about the venue

Not all wedding photographers have been to all the wedding venue that exists around them, much less, around the country. They have to take some time off their schedule to go check out the place once. This is to make sure that the time on your wedding day will be spent wisely. Your photographer will immediately know where to guide you and what pictures should be taken.

Precious experience of having worked on similar projects

Whether it’s the place or the theme of the party, not just any North Wales wedding photographer has worked on the same thing before. One of the reason that in just about any business employers want employees that know what they are doing, you also want your photographer to know what he’s going to do. Not just someone who just begins to explore and knows next to nothing when you consult with them.

Experience speaks a lot of things, including the problems they’ve faced, the creativity they’ve shown, and satisfied clients to convince you. It is something that can only be earned by working hard.

The full-day coverage dedicated only to you

They will also be spending a whole day with you and capturing all the important moments of it. This asks for a lot of things, from brainstorming, concentration, to agility to move around the venue and shoot for those beautiful pictures.

The best photographer will take pictures in a discreet way; you will never realize that they were there! Cheap photographers don’t really care about this as they are more focused on taking pictures and not missing a thing. They have placed priority on quantity.


If you think this is not important, you will need to think again. Most premium photographers will provide your pictures in both monochrome and full-color version. All in the high-definition standard that you will proud enough to use as your computer’s wallpaper. Messes and unwanted crowds will also be edited out of your pictures and there are a lot of technicalities that you need to learn about to understand what exactly do they do.

Common Mistakes Brides Make

Choosing a wedding planner quickly.

Greenwich wedding photographerThis is something that you would have to go ahead and make the decision for right from the very beginning. Even if the wedding date is roughly around a year out, it is not unheard of and has a matter of fact been quite common for brides to already seek out the counsel from professional wedding planners that they have booked for the big day, however far away it may be when it all comes down to it. The thing about picking out a wedding planner in advance is that there is a lot of groundwork that needs to be laid out before the wedding. Your wedding planner will be able to take care of most, if not all of the tasks for the wedding for you. He or she can help you find a professional Greenwich wedding photographer from Precious Red Photography or at least give you all of the necessary contacts to ensure that you are actually talking to the right people and to the professionals that you have a need for. A professional hand in the wedding plans will pave the way for a great wedding up ahead and something that you have less to worry about. You can enjoy the benefits of one without stressing yourself out with all of the wedding details and tasks.

Inviting guests before the actual plans are laid out.

Don’t do it. It will lead to you having to loop them in on all of the revisions be it in the schedule or the venue and so on and so forth. Only send out the invitations once everything has already been set to stone. You will be able to save a lot of money this way too because it technically means that you wouldn’t have to spend out any extra amount of money on reprinting the invitations or in sending out erratums and the like. Also, constantly changing wedding plans could result to your guests for the wedding getting the impression that you aren’t really taking hold of all of the details of your wedding day. make them feel and understand the fact that you are organized and detailed in what you do so far and that the wedding day is something that is well worth noting when it all comes down to it. Give your vendors such as your Greenwich wedding photographer the same courtesy as well and make sure that they have copies of the wedding invitations so that they are looped in accordingly in case anything comes up.

Improper vendor research.

When you are looking for vendors for the wedding, go through their portfolios and what they have to offer as well as their price ranges. Then move on to the aspect of whether or not they are vetted or established in what they do. Vendors who don’t allow reviews or ratings on their pages and on their sites should raise some sort of red flag because it means that they aren’t all that transparent when it comes to comments and reviews from their clients. Hiring vendors that don’t show client reviews is a bad idea because it technically means that they have something to hide.

How to Become the Best Wedding Photographer Cardiff has to Offer

Awedding photographer Cardiff lot of photographers struggle to put in their best to become better in the profession, many of them put in virtually zero level preparation as their first job approaches, certainly, you can’t expect the job to be a stroll in the park on your first day on the job as a wedding photographer. It certainly will be a shame to let down the couple who obviously have shown great levels of confidence hiring you irrespective of the fact you are not yet recognised as the best wedding photographer Cardiff.

This article seeks to expose just anyone to the realities and expectations that would help make you become one of the best in the wedding photography line

Be conversant with your equipment.

This is a very important tip for you as a beginner, you certainly do not want to get to the wedding venue all geared up but struggling to remember which equipment to use for a particular activity or even struggling to couple some equipment. As a matter of fact, it will be a very sensible move for you to master your camera, understand the settings, study the available modes, and work out all the options that are obtainable on your speed light.

As soon as you are confident that you have familiarised yourself with your toolkit, look for someone to try out the different settings you have discovered, you could start with your girlfriend, your best friend or even your dog, somebody has surely got to be available for a free photo session.

Check out the proposed location.

Every sensible wedding photographer Cardiff has to offer must as a matter of strategy visit the site for the proposed wedding so as to have a firsthand feel of the venue. Such a visit would help prepare your mind as regards the lighting, background and suitable places you could stay while taking your photographs without being obstructed. Feel free to check out the church, the bride’s house, the groom’s house and other contact locations that you will need to touch during the course of the wedding proper so that you would fully grasp what it is you are really coming up against.

Get a list written out.

Well, let us assume you finished top of your class at the best school of photography in the world, that still doesn’t take away the fact that you are human and as such are prone to errors. It, therefore, suffices to say that getting a pen and a note would certainly save you the embarrassment of missing out on sensitive detail on your work. As a newbie, it is required of you to write out a brief note of what exactly it is you are going to do at different points of town. Be sure to write out the relevant points of action as it concerns the event.

Shoot a mock wedding if possible.

Although this may sound a little bit extreme, it will certainly be a very profitable move to organise friends to help you act out a pseudo wedding. Try out different positions and patterns on them. The good thing here is that you are quite free to make as many mistakes as possible without having the feeling of a failure.

Having done all these, you can be sure to become the best wedding photographer Cardiff has ever seen.