Wedding Planning Done Right

Don’t put other people first.

Wedding Photographers Los AngelesPutting other people first will only leave you feeling unhappy with the decisions that you have for the wedding planning process so far. This is the one day in your life where people will totally understand you for being selfish and for wanting to only go for the stuff that you would like to go for during the wedding day. Don’t worry too much about whether people agree to your planning decisions or not. If they love and support you, they will respect all of the decisions that you and your partner come up with for the main wedding day so far and this is something that you will always be able to take to the bank at any point in time. Although it is nice for you to consider other people, this shouldn’t be the rule for you and for your partner. You should still have the freedom to go ahead and go for whatever it is that you would like to go for at the end of the day. You will be happier and more satisfied that way. For example, pick out the wedding photographers Los Angeles proposals that you like the most and try not to get affected with what your main guests’ preferences are.

Always go for the welfare of your wedding guests.

Your guests should always be considered all across the board. Think about their convenience, whether they have all of the basic amenities or not, whether the wedding photographer knows who they are and how important they are to you, and so on and so forth. If your wedding location is somewhere that is slightly far off, make sure that you consider transportation services or even accommodations for them. They have already put in the effort to be there for you and for your partner during the day of the wedding. you should at least learn how to appreciate this by reciprocating their efforts a little bit and ensuring that they are comfortable all the time all throughout the wedding planning process and even during the day of the wedding itself. Make sure that your wedding photographers Los Angeles coverage know about the people who are most important to you such as your folks.

Buy the dress last.

You need to know for sure that the decision on your wedding dress doesn’t intervene with the rest of the other things that you would like to get for the wedding so far. Picking out the dress first will more or less force you to match the rest of the wedding details and this can be a bit distracting and exhausting, to say the least. You will have a much better time at it by having everything laid out just how you would like them to turn out to be and then pick out a wedding dress that tends to match the theme the most. You wouldn’t have to stress yourself out too much and even if you do, at least it is something that is isolated to the dress, not to the entire wedding. it will be easier to pick a design that ties in well with your wedding photographers Los Angeles pegs and wedding themes and so on and so forth if you don’t have to work it around the dress. Check Luque Photography for a breathtaking selection of awesome wedding dresses.

Take some time before announcing the engagement.

You’re excited and you wanted to share the good news out to the rest of the world but you should tread lightly because you want this to be a momentous occasion and ill planning can lessen the importance or the significance of the occasion.

5 Beautiful Wedding Venues You Should Consider in Lancashire

Lancashire wedding photographerBless England for having so many authentic and historical places and references that is looming with castles and buildings with amazing decorations that date as far as 17th centuries. Even though it is impossible to hold weddings there, many other venues are built with reference to these buildings and are decorated in medieval and Victorian styles with some changes here and there to suit the modern wedding.

Aside from that, there are also venues that are built simple, comfortable and warm because the main attraction is the natural amazing view they provide, resulting in amazing Lancashire wedding photography.

Blackpool Wedding Chapel

Located in Blackpool, the building is designed elegantly and stunning. The view from this building is breathtaking as it is right next to the sea, where you can listen to the waves hitting against the land. Couple will have the rare chance of getting married next to the sea and you will be able to create memorable pictures here through Lancashire wedding photography.

Stanley House Hotel and Spa

The place is just authentic, vintage, elegant or just warm; they will suit to your taste and needs. Initially a 17th century manor, the building was then redecorated and refurnished into a award winning hotel that puts customers’ satisfaction as the utmost importance. Currently, they have three types of wedding packages that are different in size from private to grand party. The décor is amazing and the view from outside the building is not less stunning. Your Lancashire wedding photographer will find limitless beautiful angles and spots that can be included in your wedding album.

Beeston Manor

Another multiple award winning venue that is run by a family of generations which dates back to 16th century and after going through multiple increments in rooms and hall quality, this place has retained its originality and well-maintained environment that results in a beautiful place to hold garden themed wedding parties. Its authentic and vintage barn to simple but elegant decorations in the hall could be everything you are looking for.

Midland Hotel

Away from old and vintage, this place is for you if you love contemporary, modern and elegant looking wedding party venues. Staged from 1920s, this art deco hotel is designed with both traditional and glamorous artworks. The whole place itself is an art. The look from outside the hotel is breathtaking especially from the Sun Terrace, the look into majestically designed hall and lobbies are just priceless. It is easy to take grandeur looking photos of you and your couple from every side of the hotel that will definitely result in an amazing album of a glamorous wedding.

Browsholme Hall

Another yet beautiful space for both garden themed party and a grand, quiet party in the hall. Mixed between wood ceiling and bricks foundation and wall, the hall is warm, yet beautiful enough to hold an elegant party with the right décor. The view around is to be noted and if you have a Lancashire wedding photographer with you, there are just numerous places to remember to have your pictures taken; from a stroll on the lakeside, the wall behind the hall to inside the hall itself.

Noteworthy Tips for Your Wedding in Hampshire

Stay away from alcohol the night before.

wedding photographers hampshireWe get it. You want to celebrate your last night of being a single woman. You want to celebrate it with a nightcap or more but you need to understand the fact that wine or any other sort of alcoholic drink can get your capillaries to inflame giving you a puffy and tired look during the day of the wedding. unless you favour the look of having dark circles under your eyes, then you need to make sure that you were able to get this taken into account when it all comes down to it. Skip the drink and make sure that you sleep in early. Drink lots of water and opt out of the alcohol as much as you possibly can. Save it for the day after the wedding instead. This will ensure that you are at your best during the day of the wedding. You are going to need all of your strength and all of your wits about you as much as possible in order for this to work and in order for you to come prepared for what you have up ahead of you. Your wedding photographers Hampshire will not be able to do much for you if you happen to show up with puffy eyes and with redness all over your skin. Plus, think of the hangover that you will be able to get away from if you stay away from the drink.

Be considerate.

There will be times wherein not all of your plans will fall exactly as you would like them to and this is something that you ought to take into account as much as possible when you are dealing with vendors such as wedding photographers Hampshire and the like. There are a lot of variables that concern how wedding plans pan out so far and this is something that you ought to be a bit more understanding about when it all comes down to it. If your wedding photographers Hampshire don’t happen to answer at your every beck and call, it may be because they are pursuing their creative tendencies during the wedding day. Allow them to be so and let them play around with what they are capable of and you will have better wedding photos to boot.

Involve your better half.

A wedding is something that you and your partner would have to work hand in hand with. You shouldn’t be making decisions all on your own but should instead make this a joint effort so that you come up top and so that you will be both satisfied with whatever the results for the wedding day will turn out to be.

Don’t lose perspective.

Keep your focus and your attentions intact as much as possible and make sure that you always get to have your head in the game and your eyes set firmly on the prize up ahead of you. Follow through with the tasks and try to finish them early as much as possible and your wedding will pan out for you so much more efficiently and effectively.

Smart Untraditional Ways To Save On Your Wedding

DIY the photo booth.

wedding photographer CardiffA trusty ole iPad will do. Photo booths can be incredibly expensive and they can cause a dent in the wedding budget that you are trying to manage out and balance although they can be a really great addition to the wedding reception party that you have in mind at the end of the day. Luckily for you, this is something that you can always do yourself. With a little bit of ingenuity and a little bit of craftiness, this is the type of thing that you can pull off when it all comes down to it. It isn’t that hard to set up. You just need a well designed backdrop and a tripod to keep it steady and someone at the helm and you are pretty much good to go. Of course, a photo booth is something that is fun and whimsical. You should know right off the bat that this shouldn’t replace professional wedding photographer Cardiff that you need during the wedding day. Those are two separate things and you shouldn’t substitute what your wedding photographer Cardiff can bring in compared to what a DIY photo booth can bring to the table. Still, it will give you a bit of entertainment that your guests and the rest of the people in your wedding day will get to enjoy. It can really liven up the place so think about that whenever you have any doubts about whether you should bring in a photo booth or not.

Get married off season.

This is the best time for you to plot your main wedding day in because of the fact that most of the wedding vendors out there will be more than willing to bring in their rates and will be more than willing to give you a bit of a break with the prices that they are charging out for their professional services. This is something that you ought to look into as much as possible and take into account while you are at it. The slow season is the perfect time for every bride out there to strike while the iron is still hot, so to speak so think about that and make sure that you have everything figured out ahead of you as much as possible. Book ahead of time, too. Booking roughly around a year out will give you the advantage of negotiating the rates down so think about that whenever you are planning out the need to booking vendors such as your wedding photographer Cardiff for the wedding day.

Go for a wedding breakfast.

Breakfasts cost relatively less compared to lunches and dinners because you can go for an all out buffet without draining your finances or your wedding budget. They can also be really picturesque and refreshing. Most of the wedding venues out there charge roughly around 40% less for breakfasts so think about that especially whenever you feel as if you are on a bit of a bind when it comes to the wedding finances.

Book plane tickets on the weekdays.

It’s a proven statistic and something that you should really be checking out the right way when it all comes down to it. You should plan out for something so much more than just the wedding, you should include the honeymoon in the plans that you are setting out for as well.

Incredible Ways To Save On Your Wedding

Public venues can save money.

Essex wedding photographerIf you are lucky enough to get things checked out the right way, you might probably just be asked to request for a permit and to give out a minor donation. You have to understand the fact that wedding venues can consume up to as much as 25% or so of the main wedding budget and you ought to do something about this while you are at it. The first thing that you technically need to do is make sure that you have the public venues mapped out the right why is by studying the geographic location of the area that you are planning to get married in. go out on a long drive.

Bring your partner along.

You can even bring your professional Essex wedding photographer along with you just so that you can make sure that you have an expert aesthetic eye out giving you all of the right recommendations and even bringing to light the cons at the same time. Deciding on the wedding venue is a huge deal and not something that you should be taking lightly. Don’t rush through it. Take as much time as you need so that you can have your decisions mapped out the right way while you are at it.

Flea market elements for centrepieces.

Take a trip to your local Sunday bazaar. You will never really know what good stuff you might stumble upon until you actually explore them in the first place. The dollar store wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Old and used stuff can be charming. More than that, they are unique and really interesting to have around. You will be giving your Essex wedding photographer great material to work with in the photos that he is trying to shoot so try to see what you can about it. Flea markets can be treasure troves for elements that a bride can include in her wedding reception centrepieces so try to see what you have up ahead of you and try to go out of your way to explore as many options as you can before you start buying stuff up when it all comes down to it.

Crowd source the photos.

The wedding reception party is interesting and really nice material for your Essex wedding photographer to work with but you have to understand that they can drag on longer than you would probably think or are prepared of and extra hours on the tab of your Essex wedding photographer might jeopardize your wedding budget accordingly. You wouldn’t want to do this at any point in time. Get him there during the main events and let him stay if he wants to after but clarify when the billable hours end so far.

Buy your flowers wholesale.

The local farmer’s market in your area can really help you out with the wedding flowers situation so you should really consider buying and doing them yourself. It’s possible, with a little bit of research and willingness to be crafty.

Useful Bridal Tips You Need To Have 

Call the fashion police!

wedding photographer CambridgeIf you don’t really trust your fashion instincts or decisions that much, you might want to consider the possibility of getting or bringing someone along whose decisions you can actually rely on in the first place. It will make all of the difference in the world for you and it will ensure that you have everything worked out in advance so far. Some people get professional wedding consultants and personal shoppers for this and you can go ahead and do the same if you have some extra funds to burn on the side. If you don’t though, you can still pull through with things like this. You just need to bring along a fashion forward friend who can give you some pretty interesting advice about what might look good and what might not look good on you for the wedding ensemble that you are trying to bring together for the wedding day so far.

Get a professional planner.

It isn’t as wasteful as you would probably think. Although yes, chances are, they charge pretty substantial professional fees but wedding planners are practically modern day wedding genies. Talk to them about what your inspiration pegs are and what your dreams are for the wedding and they will surely be able to come up with something for as long as it isn’t anything impossible or anything like that. Needless to say, you can be rest assured that it will be money well spent at the end of the day and something that you should always try to prioritize when you are planning out the special day. Your planner might even network you with a really great wedding photographer Cambridge so keep your lines open.

Easy on the DIY.

You might be tempted to want to do everything yourself in the spirit of saving up on a few bucks here and there but this is actually a really bad idea to have to go through with considering the enormity of the tasks that you have ahead of you and considering the fact that you almost never have enough time to go through with and follow through with all of them in the first place. Properly assess a project for the wedding before you take it on and try to see how the costs factor in. it might cost you the same thing trying to DIY something as opposed to getting your coordinator or event stylist to do a little something extra for you on the side.

Be realistic with your wedding budget.

Consider how much money you and your partner are willing to shell out for the wedding before you start contacting people and before you start drafting plans out so far at the end of the day. It will make it far easier for you to wrap your head around things. Canvass how much a wedding photographer Cambridge costs, for example, before you start budgeting things out. It will be easier to handle knowing that you are in line with the realities of the wedding industry in your local area so far.

When Hiring Out Your Wedding Vendors

Go local.

Barnsley wedding photographerWhen you are looking for wedding vendors to book, it is important that you insist on going only for those who are from the local area. This way, you don’t have to spend out anything extra for accommodations or food and the like. You only need to pay for their services and the products that they offer out to you and that’s all there is to it.

Always compare quotes.

Don’t book someone right away if you haven’t gone shopping around just yet. You don’t want to finally stumble upon the best deal available out there but end up not going for it in the first place because you have already previously signed on with someone. This can turn out to be the biggest tragedy in wedding planning so far and something that you ought to try to go ahead and avoid as much as you possibly can or for as long as you can help it so far. Think of it as if you are shopping. You want to get the best deal possible and thus, it will only make sense for you to shop around a little bit every now and then. This is something that your vendors will really get to understand and they won’t resent you or anything like that just because you want to eventually arrive at a really practical and sensible deal. Competition is quite rife in the wedding industry and this is something that they come across daily. No need to feel embarrassed about it at all.

Basic packages aren’t evil.

They are smart and practical. Booking a top tier Barnsley wedding photographer doesn’t need to be expensive and it certainly doesn’t have to leave your wedding budget precariously hanging off of the edge all the time. You can still work things out accordingly and have enough room left for the rest of the other services and products that you are technically planning to have or to include in the wedding day. Go with a top notch Barnsley wedding photographer by all means but don’t go for the


When looking for wedding vendors that you are planning to hire out for the wedding, you should make it a point to go out of your way to really ask for freebies or discounts in the very least. Most of the vendors will not voluntarily give this out to you if you don’t make it a point to ask it directly from them. The time that you are booking people out is the most strategic time for you to really make the most out of because this is your biggest bargaining chip, the constant need for them to convince you to go with them. Once the deal is signed and sealed though; it will turn out to be fairly hard for you to negotiate the rates because they will hold you to when you have initially agreed on and you will technically lose all the power to negotiate the right way already. You need to do something about this.

Smart Ways To Plan Your Wedding

Don’t overschedule your photographer.

wedding photographer ScotlandA professional wedding photographer Scotland can cost a lot of money and if you aren’t prepared for this financially, this might leave you on a bit of a bind and properly managing the way that your photographer charges you can turn out to make all of the difference in the world. When you are looking through someone’s profile, the next thing that you need to take a look at after the quality of his output is the cost. Not only should you ensure that you can afford the basic package of the professional wedding photographer Scotland that you are thinking about hiring out, you also need to prep for possible overtime hours.

Weddings can stretch on for more hours than you would initially think and this is why it is important for you to make sure that you properly maximize the amount of time that he spends working for you during the day of the wedding. You don’t need a wedding photographer Scotland to be there from the preparation period all the way until the end. Give your wedding photographer Scotland a shot itinerary and once that is done and over with, cut ties with any possible billables. Manage the expectations of your photographer ahead of time so that there are no confusions or anything like that when it comes to things like this.

Simplify your invites.

Although the invitations need to be special in order for them to have some kind of impact on the memories of the people that you are trying to include in the wedding celebration, they don’t have to cost you that much money. A good working printer and a high quality set of stationery set could get the trick done for you just like that. Try to be creative and crafty as much as possible when it comes to things like this. The invitations alone could knock you back for a good $300 or so and this is a cost that you can do without if you opt to go with a discount printer or by printing your own invitations yourself at the end of the day. For as long as your wedding invitations have all of the basic info that your guests need about the venue, time and date and dress code for the wedding; then you are pretty much good to go and you don’t have that much to worry about anymore when it all comes down to it.

Hold out on the DIYs.

Pinterest might make certain projects look easy but you need to at the same time assess how much the raw materials will cost you and how much time you have in your hands. Are you planning to do everything alone? Or are you planning to bring in a little help from your closest friends and family members? Be realistic with the projects that you take on as these can end up costing you way more money than just hiring them out to vendors with reasonable rates in the end.

Let the little things go.

If things don’t pan out perfectly, take it in stride. There is no point in stressing yourself out over it if you can’t do much about it in the first place.

When Your Wedding Is A Month Out

Apply for a marriage license.

Hertfordshire wedding photographerBrides usually get caught up in the whirlwind chaos of planning out a wedding that it’s usually the essentials that are being left out. Imagine planning everything from booking your Hertfordshire wedding photographer, going to taste tests, even visually comparing fabric patterns and samples and nearing your wedding date without a marriage license. It would all be in vain and the wedding will turn out to be invalid or null and void in the first place. So in reality, you will be wasting all that money and all your efforts if you don’t have the basic essentials down pat. You need to make sure that you don’t commit this mistake no matter what happens. Make sure that you apply for a marriage license ahead of time along with the rest of all of the other legal documents and requirements to help make things worthwhile and for them to follow through smoothly without any nags or anything like that in between. It will turn out to make all the difference in the world and you will get to sleep better at night knowing that you took care of the things that are most important first and foremost.

Finalize your gown fittings.

Not having one last final fitting is a huge mistake. A lot of things can happen to your body from the planning stage to the actual wedding day. You might grow thinner or thicker. Either way, you are going to need to go through a fitting to make sure that the wedding dress still fits you just right. If it doesn’t, at least you still have enough time to get some alterations in so that you will be able to fix things at the end of the day. You certainly wouldn’t want to go through your entire wedding day with an incredibly uncomfortable gown on you. Not only will it be uncomfortable because it is ill fitting, it will not look good in the photos that your Hertfordshire wedding photographer shoots either. More than that, your annoyance over the fit might affect your facial expressions and how you are feeling overall during a day that you should be over the moon about. Don’t let something like this ruin your special day and do something about it in advance.

Get in touch with your bridesmaids.

You are going to need all of the help that you can get and to be honest, they are the best ones out there who have pledged to be there for you and support you. Delegate some tasks to them so that you don’t have too many crowding up your plate. It will surprise you how well team efforts will work for you and play out to your advantage so depend on the people who are there for you and who will help you see things through no matter what happens. Open communication is key to this, of course so dot ever forget that.

Last minute adjustments with vendors.

If you need any tweaks in the deals, let your vendors know. Be vocal about it. They are usually more than happy to help you out, especially your Hertfordshire wedding photographer.

3 Poses You Must Have For Your Wedding Photography

It is a fundamental truth in life.

wedding photographer belfastHow you pose in your wedding photography will greatly affect the quality of your wedding pictures. Therefore, you need to choose the best poses for you wedding pictures. Never settle for anything substandard. Think bold and think big when it comes to your poses. Out of the many poses for wedding photography, we have found three which you cannot miss out on for you wedding photography. Your wedding photographer Belfast will agree with us in saying you need these poses for you wedding album. Make sure to practice these three in front of a mirror for maximum effect.

The first pose is called the dip.

No, it isn’t the delicious substance which you put dunk your chips in. It is a romantic wedding photography pose which is a classic in wedding photography. In this pose the groom needs to have a firm hold on the bride and slowly tilt their body to from a “dip”. Don’t be fooled, it is harder than it looks. The usual mistakes are the dip isn’t low enough to form a good angle. The angle must be perfect and the grip strong or else the groom may accidentally drop the bride. To avoid this, allow your wedding photographer Belfast to direct the pose. Clients should also practice this pose on their own beforehand and work on their balance and coordination. If they don’t, they may end up with awkward wedding photos.

The second pose called the stare.

Basically, the couples need to stare off into the distances. This pose usually has the couple in an embrace with a scenic background. The faraway look is adds a dreamy effect on your wedding photos. It is one of the traditional poses in wedding photography that wedding photographers love. They can play around and shoot the couple close up or from a distance. Either way, the results of the wedding photography will always be amazing. Some couples even try to do a variation of this pose by copying what Rose and Jack did on the Titanic. Don’t worry; this is a very easy pose to accomplish. All you need is a jaw dropping background, your partner, and a far off gaze somewhere.

The last pose is the closed off.

Yep, you need one were the couple are hip to hip. They need to be as close as possible for this pose. They also need to be facing each other, staring passionately at each other’s eyes. This is why it is called closed off; the couple is creating their own world. Nothing else exists except the both of them. The expression of the couples face may vary from flirty smirks to sincere smiles. It will all depend on how you and your wedding photographer Belfast want the picture to look. The real reason why this pose is a must have is because of the simplicity of the execution and the raw intimacy it conveys. It is one of those poses which you cannot mess up. This is a great pose to start the wedding photography off on.