Contract and Fine Print: 5 Things You Need to Know

Sheffield wedding photographerThe fine print of your wedding photography may contain things that can actually surprise you! In truth, many people often learn about the legality of their contract when they’re facing the court. It often puts them in disadvantages against their Sheffield wedding photographer. You, right now, have the chance to understand the content first and even avoid having to go to the court!

It’s even more important that you can read the details of the contract before you sign them. And here are 5 things about wedding photography’s legal terms that you need to know.

Copyright ownership

The ownership of a copyright is rarely given to the client. It’s something that is automatically owned by the photographer the moment he snapped that pictures. It’s up to him whether or not he wants to give it to you regardless of the fact that you paid him for his service as your photographer.

The limitations of not being the owner of the pictures can range from not being to sell the pictures to post them online without the consent of the photographer. Yes, it can mean a lot of problems if your photographer decides to sue based on this alone.

However, photographers will usually provide pictures of smaller resolution with watermarks for their clients. It can be posted wherever and whenever you want.

Photographer(s) in charge

It’s also important to see if the name of the photographer in charge is stated in there. Most clients that hire their photographer for more than one session are quite surprised to see that during the extra session or hours, it’s not their main photographer that come.

If this is a problem for you, be sure to make it clear to your photographer with who you want to see working on all your sessions. For example, if you’d like to work with a professional Sheffield wedding photographer from, remember to tell him that you can accept having an assistant to help. But you don’t want him to become the person in charge of any of the session.

Pictures provided

Some photographers like to boast about how many pictures they can provide for you. Obviously, a number of pictures cannot sum up to those who took care of snapping every moment with a keen eye. Rather than a bunch of pictures that are simply repetitive, it’s better to have pictures taken with meaning.

Yet, this shouldn’t be the reason that your photographer isn’t taking more pictures. Every moment of your wedding is precious in that you’ll never be able to go back to that time anymore. Every you prepared for that day can only be enjoyed on that day. You want your photographer to also understand this sentiment and be able to take as many memorable pictures as possible.

Typically, photographers will provide more than what they promise, so it’s obviously a problem if yours can’t.

Return policy

There’s no such thing as a return policy in photography. However, in the case that you’re not satisfied with what you see, how can you be compensated? The case of ‘unsatisfactory’ wedding pictures can be very subjective. That is why it’s better to have this part stated clearly in the contract and fine print from your Sheffield wedding photographer.