Makeover Photography – Variation Is Key

makeover photographyMakeover Photography has evolved over the years to the point where it has become a field on its own. It can be said that this field was not in existence over 40 years ago but the constant evolution in fashion trends and the constant demand by individuals and high fashion companies brought about this. Even with the newness of this, makeover photography is still here to stay.

Over the years you will find that many photographers have found themselves on the opposite poles of the stick as a client viewer and a photographer and they are able to relate such different experiences into their work. For example, a photographer would have made use of various set ups and lighting rigs during the process of makeover photography and while performing as a client viewer, he or she would have seen several shoots featuring the young, couples, old, families etc. With these experiences it becomes important to not be static in the times but dynamic and amenable to change as makeover photography gives no room to be stuck in the past otherwise you end up not being relevant anymore.

Variation is key

For a field such as makeover photography, the term “variation is key” has never been more apt as it is the most important aspect of a good shoot. Having several pictures of the same pose and featuring the same background does not showcase a photographer’s skill and might just be an effort of resources. The best photographers in this modern world are those that not only give thought to the background of the shoot and the poses but also the use of lighting in the shoot. In present times, there is a particular favoritism for the two light set up.

The two light set up is often paired with soft boxes that placed in positions equidistant from the object of the shoot. Using this technique allows for light to be evenly distributed and the object of the photo shoot ends up without much shadowing. Experts in makeover photography Ruby Studios view this as a safe option as it works well with any subject especially the older ones as it draws away from the presence of wrinkles and whiting lines on their faces. If you are to assess the effective use of lighting in an hour or to hour shoot, it has to be showcased in the over 60 or 70 pictures taken as no one wants to look at pictures with the same type of lighting and only the pose and background being different.

Lighting and equipment

Unfortunately, you find that this is something that always happens especially in an environment when you are on budgeted time and need to have appropriate time left to prepare for the next photo shoot. You find that instead of photographers adjusting the light, they simply carry it over to the new background without placing much thought on what could be on the end of it. On the other hand, a good photographer would put in an effort to understand his or her lighting and equipment to get the best results.