5 Beautiful Wedding Venues You Should Consider in Lancashire

Lancashire wedding photographerBless England for having so many authentic and historical places and references that is looming with castles and buildings with amazing decorations that date as far as 17th centuries. Even though it is impossible to hold weddings there, many other venues are built with reference to these buildings and are decorated in medieval and Victorian styles with some changes here and there to suit the modern wedding.

Aside from that, there are also venues that are built simple, comfortable and warm because the main attraction is the natural amazing view they provide, resulting in amazing Lancashire wedding photography.

Blackpool Wedding Chapel

Located in Blackpool, the building is designed elegantly and stunning. The view from this building is breathtaking as it is right next to the sea, where you can listen to the waves hitting against the land. Couple will have the rare chance of getting married next to the sea and you will be able to create memorable pictures here through Lancashire wedding photography.

Stanley House Hotel and Spa

The place is just authentic, vintage, elegant or just warm; they will suit to your taste and needs. Initially a 17th century manor, the building was then redecorated and refurnished into a award winning hotel that puts customers’ satisfaction as the utmost importance. Currently, they have three types of wedding packages that are different in size from private to grand party. The décor is amazing and the view from outside the building is not less stunning. Your Lancashire wedding photographer will find limitless beautiful angles and spots that can be included in your wedding album.

Beeston Manor

Another multiple award winning venue that is run by a family of generations which dates back to 16th century and after going through multiple increments in rooms and hall quality, this place has retained its originality and well-maintained environment that results in a beautiful place to hold garden themed wedding parties. Its authentic and vintage barn to simple but elegant decorations in the hall could be everything you are looking for.

Midland Hotel

Away from old and vintage, this place is for you if you love contemporary, modern and elegant looking wedding party venues. Staged from 1920s, this art deco hotel is designed with both traditional and glamorous artworks. The whole place itself is an art. The look from outside the hotel is breathtaking especially from the Sun Terrace, the look into majestically designed hall and lobbies are just priceless. It is easy to take grandeur looking photos of you and your couple from every side of the hotel that will definitely result in an amazing album of a glamorous wedding.

Browsholme Hall

Another yet beautiful space for both garden themed party and a grand, quiet party in the hall. Mixed between wood ceiling and bricks foundation and wall, the hall is warm, yet beautiful enough to hold an elegant party with the right décor. The view around is to be noted and if you have a Lancashire wedding photographer with you, there are just numerous places to remember to have your pictures taken; from a stroll on the lakeside, the wall behind the hall to inside the hall itself.