Finding the Right Wedding Photographer For You

  1. wedding photographyDo your research properly and get a list of your prospects.

Cross them off as you go along so that you can come up with your short list. You should start off by listing down all of the wedding photographers in business in the area. Sometimes, it is as simple as flipping through the yellow pages. These days, yellow pages are not as tangible. Everything is pretty much online nowadays so that might be something that you might want to more or less try out. Also look things up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other social media platforms. You can usually look things up based on geographical areas and you can zero in on your area in particular.

2. Check out the portfolios of the wedding photographers being posted online.

They usually showcase nothing but the best of their works there. Wedding photographers usually treat their portfolios like gold. This is something that they nurture and they take care of like a fragile little baby. You are looking for something that has order and attention to detail. More importantly, you are looking for photographic works that really impress you more than anything else. If the works in the portfolios do not impress you at all, then there is really not much point in moving forward with a certain photographer.

3. Ask for recommendations from the people you know.

Ask the wedding photographer you are interviewing if you can contact some of their previous clients so you can ask about their work ethics, performance, and so on and so forth. A good word put in is something that can be quite hard to disregard. Ask around for people who might have worked with wedding photographers in the past as well. Ask them how the wedding photographer works. Ask them how they conduct themselves when they are in the middle of covering wedding events. You need someone who is versatile and adaptable and blends well and reacts well to circumstances being handed out to him.

4. Figure out what kind of turnaround time the wedding photographer derby is willing to offer you and let that factor in on your decision.

You need someone who works decisively and someone who works fast. The best margin of turnaround time that you are looking for is roughly a few days after the wedding event takes place. It should not be longer than a week after the wedding. You will end up being bored brought on by the anticlimax of all of that waiting around. If you can try to find someone who is skilled enough for a same-day edit, then perhaps that is also an option that you might want to check out.

5. Review the price packages the wedding photographer is offering out to you and try to compare that with the other price offerings so far.

Go with the best one that brings in the best value for your money in comparison to the kind and amount of service that you are getting. You want to go for something that is competitive but still has all of the services included.

Indispensable Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsYour camera is your main weapon and as with all weapons, you are going to need more than just one when you are out in the battlefield. Professional wedding photographers need to have more than just one camera when filming weddings because of several reasons. The first and primary reason being the fact that a backup system and contingency plan is needed in the event that something happens to the gear. If, by the unfortunate chance that the gear malfunctions or anything like that, you still need to keep filming the event. The event won’t stop for you. And you cannot afford to miss any shots because more often than not, you are contractually bound to deliver. It is either that or you will get very bad publicity if you mess up someone’s wedding coverage. The second reason why you need more than just one camera is because you can put in a different kind of lens on that second one. This will make it so much easier for you to switch in between lenses as well and you don’t have to fumble with screwing lenses on and off because two cameras can solve that problem all in one go.


Another helping hand never hurt anyone. When covering wedding events, always find someone to assist you. If you’re starting out and can’t afford getting a permanent assistant just yet, it might be wise to have a protégé who goes to photography school who can consider assisting you as training he can get on the job. If that still isn’t possible for you to have, it is perhaps wise to call in a favor from a friend or a family member who is willing to lend you a helping hand at some point. It would be unwise for you to cover a wedding event all on your own because it takes a lot of manpower and focus and there is equipment and other accessories that you would need to worry about.

People Person

You also have to be a people person in order to be an effective essex wedding photographer. You would have to learn the balance of being able to speak firmly enough that people will take you seriously but still polite enough that people will not misconstrue you for being bossy or rude. Try to be friendly and outgoing and make small talk with the entourage and the other guests as well. Learn crowd control and being able to take the reins when it is time for a group photo op or so.


Learn how to network. If you’re ever going to thrive in the world of wedding photography, then you would need to learn how to make connections and tap into them when the time is right. Connect with other people working the wedding events you’re covering. Talk to the caterers, you never know when they have an upcoming client and they like you enough to refer you. Same thing goes for the florists and wedding planners. Wedding planners in particular are the gold mine for photographers because they have clients who have already booked and they’re the ones hiring out for other services because they’re basically the middle man. So chat the planners up, give them your best business cards, be friendly and wait for the clients to pour in.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do as a Beginner Wedding Photographer

wedding photographerInexperience

Inexperience tops the list of the most common mistakes that wedding photographers do when they first delve into the industry. It may be a really lucrative niche and it is quite understandable why a lot of people would like to dabble into it but coming in without any kind of experience whatsoever would not be the smartest thing to do. Try to apprentice for or assist a more established professional Los Angeles wedding photographer so that you get your foot in the door and see firsthand how things happen when you cover an actual wedding event without having to shoulder the sole responsibilities of covering the event on your own. Try to opt for a professional wedding photographer whose work you admire and is in line with the style of photography that you would like to cultivate as well.

Messy background

Shooting in a messy background is also a common wedding photography mistake. If you’re shooting engagement and wedding photos, make sure that you keep the back clean. Go for excellent backgrounds with as little mess as much as possible. Messy backgrounds make for tacky pictures. Neat and organized backgrounds look polished and professional and that’s the look that you’re going for. Messy backgrounds tend to mess with the focal point of the photos. As much as possible, you want to keep it kind of bland and a little organized unless you focus on the other elements you would like to include in the photos.

Too much sunlight

Shooting with too much sunlight and the people in the photos end up squinting is also a common mistake. Although it may be true that natural light is great for photos, more often than not, it is highly advised for you to film your photos under the shade. Too much sun makes the subjects being filmed tend to squint. Squinting makes the face scrunch up and the nose look like it’s cringing and it comes off looking unattractive so it should be kept to a minimum as much as possible.

Not asking the subject

Another common mistake that wedding photographers make would be to film the subjects without asking and waiting for the subjects to make eye contact with the camera. Not looking at the camera makes people look indifferent and detached and it does not translate well the photos whether you look at them digitally or in print. Try to talk to them all throughout the shoot and try to maintain interesting conversation to keep them looking straight at you and into the camera.

Missing out of the must-have shots is one of the worst possible mistakes a wedding photographer can ever commit. This gets even worse if they are shots that the bride and groom have particularly asked for but you somehow forgot. Mind you, in your defense, it would be pretty easy to forget things in all of the busy things going on during a wedding event. The trick is to make sure that you have a list of must-have shots and sort of go through all of it in checklist-style and tick things off as you go along. This will make sure that you are able to cover all of the things that you need to cover. As time progresses, you will be able to keep the list sort of more mental and you won’t have to keep an actual list anymore but for the time-being, you should stick to your physical list.