How To Be Competent with Natural Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsNatural wedding photography is something that a lot of couples are aiming for these days and something that you should have up your sleeve as a professional wedding photographer. When people look casual and at ease, they are able to come up with really relaxed looking photos that fit with the fresh, story-telling vibe of a documentary style wedding theme. It is not always as easy as it looks. There are a lot of tips and tricks that photographers pull off just to make the pictures look particularly natural and candid. It may seem a bit tongue in cheek but that really is the truth. You need to be confident in this particular style so you can bring your photos together and string them into a nice natural theme. Here are a few tips you can try out to up your natural wedding photography game.

Never film a subject who looks uncomfortable

Photographers need to be more sensitive to their subjects’ needs, wants, and yes, even moods – at least throughout the duration of the photo shoot. If a subject tends to look uncomfortable, talk to him or her. Go through the efforts of making your subjects feel comfortable before you film them. They will thank you for this.

Have your subjects do the walking routine

Walking back and forth makes the pictures look like they are following a story that they cannot hear but can only tell through visuals – sort of similar to how a silent movie works. This works particularly nice on couples. Egg them on to keep walking but be careful of the pace. A pace that’s too slow may end up looking fake while one that’s too fast may end up with a lot of blurred photos.

Advice groups to be more physically attached to each other during the photo shoot

Group pictures are absolute requirements in natural wedding photography and one great way to make them look authentic and less contrived would be if the group is physically connected to each other at some point. Have them huddle closer to each other, hold each other, or just be physically connected. It works great in the pictures.

Welcome a little fun and personality in the pictures

Encourage the subjects to let their personalities shine out and bring a little fun in the photos that way. It doesn’t always have to be so serious. Encourage them to have fun and laugh some more during the shoot.

Look out for people who are deep in conversation

Conversations bring out the most interesting of reactions and facial expressions. A great wedding photographer Hertfordshire will be keen enough to capture those moments in the raw.

Have the bride look away from the camera

Your bride is your priority and is your main client so posing her is your priority. Go for that candid, not wanting to be photographed look by having the bride look away from the camera, preferably looking downwards at times. It will evoke mystery and beauty in the pictures.

This Is Reportage Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsThe Greatest Form of Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is one of the most rewarding styles of photography to shoot. It is a style of photography that allows a photographer to help cement the memories of one of the most important days in a couple’s life. It is a lot of responsible, it requires experience and talent.  There are many different styles of wedding photography but one of the most compelling and captivating styles of wedding photography is ‘reportage’ wedding photography. This style of photography that many photographers claim to use but most do not really capture the essence of this style.

The Real Story of Your Special Day

Reportage wedding photography is a journalistic style of photography where the photographer aims to stay out of the way of what is going on, he/she will aim to take images that document all the special, random, artist and sacred moments that happen. The photographer will not pose or fabricate scenes just to take a picture. More than anything it is about telling a story through imagery. If the images do not tell a story, then it is not reportage wedding photography but something amateurish.

Capturing the Little Moments

When a lot of people think about wedding photography they just think of wedding portraits which can be awesome but I promise that you want more than those types of images of your wedding. You want images of the things that you probably didn’t see with your own eyes, you want to see yourself, your friends and family captured in interesting, funny, dramatic  and unsuspecting image based story lines. It is about capturing telling glances, the emotions, people in action and in animation. It is more about artistry and storytelling than anything else. It is the story of your wedding day! 

More than Just Sniper Snapshots

It is more than just taking candids or snapshots. There are photographers who will simply take candids and snapshots and claim that they do reportage wedding photography but they do not. Ask to see the portfolio of any photographer you plan on hiring and their images will tell you everything that you need to know. If their images just look like better versions of an iPhone image, if they are simply telephoto images taking from far away of unsuspecting people without a story or an interesting emotive experience going on, then it isn’t reportage wedding photography.


In summary, look for the story, look for the moment, look to the photo journalistic feel of a photographers work and it will immediately tell you if you are dealing with reportage wedding photography. Should you hire a reportage style wedding photographer? Well, it is up to you. Use what we described about this style of wedding photographer and look for examples of this work and if you love it, then you have answered your own question. Make sure that you find the real thing to help you make your decision about this style of photographer. Everything that you need to know is in the images.