Wedding Photography: The Right Questions to Ask

wedding photographyWedding photography is no walk in the park. It comes with a mountain of responsibilities to fulfill and an even ton more of risks to mitigate. That is why you should be requiring nothing but the best of the best from your wedding photographer. Interviewing a prospective wedding photographer to cover your wedding is not your usual run of the mill interview. There are specific aspects that you need to determine and make certain. After all, it is one of the most important days of your life and it is not something that you can just leave up to chance.

You have to be tedious and patient. Don’t just settle for just anyone because you’re tired of going through the motions. Also, please make sure that you give yourself enough time to actually shop around for the best wedding photographers out there. Take the time to check out their blogs and their online portfolios and see if their work and wedding photography style is something that can work with and for you.

Ask the photographer about his or her experience.

By rule of thumb, the longer the resume or the experience, the better. It means that that photographer has already been there and done that. Someone with notches of experience under his or her belt would actually translate to you leaving your wedding photography issues at the hands of a very seasoned veteran. Try to ask for previous works done and ask for a referral or two. It helps to check if that photographer comes with good recommendations from his previous clients because it can be a telltale sign of what your relationship will be in the near foreseeable future.

Ask if the photographer will be willing to cover an engagement shoot.

If you’re lucky, it may already be part of the pricing package at a really reasonable and attractive rate but more than the issue of the pricing, this will give you firsthand experience on seeing the photographer in action. Try to assess how he or she manages the shoot, how the compositions are made, how he or she works under pressure. At least, if you don’t like what you see, you still have time to get a different one before your wedding day.

Ask how many people they have in the team.

A wedding photographer can’t just go in alone. It would always be wise to have two or more people in the team. This is to make sure that everything is covered and there are no must-have shots that are missed out on. A photographer who comes in solo to cover a huge wedding is bound to miss out on some things at some point and this means that you will not be getting the best bang for your buck value for his services.

Ask the photographer about backup plans.

Check to see what kind of gear he has or maintains. Try to see how many cameras and lenses are there and in what conditions they are in. Good wedding photographers invest in tons of memory cards, accessories, and always keep their gear pristine and clean.