Finding the Right Wedding Photographer For You

  1. wedding photographyDo your research properly and get a list of your prospects.

Cross them off as you go along so that you can come up with your short list. You should start off by listing down all of the wedding photographers in business in the area. Sometimes, it is as simple as flipping through the yellow pages. These days, yellow pages are not as tangible. Everything is pretty much online nowadays so that might be something that you might want to more or less try out. Also look things up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other social media platforms. You can usually look things up based on geographical areas and you can zero in on your area in particular.

2. Check out the portfolios of the wedding photographers being posted online.

They usually showcase nothing but the best of their works there. Wedding photographers usually treat their portfolios like gold. This is something that they nurture and they take care of like a fragile little baby. You are looking for something that has order and attention to detail. More importantly, you are looking for photographic works that really impress you more than anything else. If the works in the portfolios do not impress you at all, then there is really not much point in moving forward with a certain photographer.

3. Ask for recommendations from the people you know.

Ask the wedding photographer you are interviewing if you can contact some of their previous clients so you can ask about their work ethics, performance, and so on and so forth. A good word put in is something that can be quite hard to disregard. Ask around for people who might have worked with wedding photographers in the past as well. Ask them how the wedding photographer works. Ask them how they conduct themselves when they are in the middle of covering wedding events. You need someone who is versatile and adaptable and blends well and reacts well to circumstances being handed out to him.

4. Figure out what kind of turnaround time the wedding photographer derby is willing to offer you and let that factor in on your decision.

You need someone who works decisively and someone who works fast. The best margin of turnaround time that you are looking for is roughly a few days after the wedding event takes place. It should not be longer than a week after the wedding. You will end up being bored brought on by the anticlimax of all of that waiting around. If you can try to find someone who is skilled enough for a same-day edit, then perhaps that is also an option that you might want to check out.

5. Review the price packages the wedding photographer is offering out to you and try to compare that with the other price offerings so far.

Go with the best one that brings in the best value for your money in comparison to the kind and amount of service that you are getting. You want to go for something that is competitive but still has all of the services included.

Perfect Wedding Photographers and Why They Are So Hard To Find

dslr camera 3Equipment

High end and high quality equipment are extremely expensive and it’s rare to find wedding photographers who consider this as an utmost investment and do not shy away from the costs in any way whatsoever. It comes without saying technology has paved the way for some almost magical breakthroughs in the world of photography but they come with a price and not everyone is willing to for it. However, anyone and everyone who is worth his salt would know that only the best of equipment can bring in the best of pictures and that is what you should be looking out for.

Price Packages

Excellent wedding photographers put in more time than initially quoted in the price packages because they are more concerned about the quality of the output or the photos than the number of man hours being put it. Some wedding photographers are only willing about completing the number of hours they are putting in and will be charging extra for any excesses. Wedding photographers who are more concerned about the quality of their work over the amount of money they are getting are far and few in between.


It is difficult to find someone who really takes the time to meet with the clients and list all of the details that the clients want or the things that have been agreed upon and make sure that they are satisfied and committed upon down to a T. There are some people who are not that at ease with talking it out to people so it is very valuable if you get to find yourself a wedding photographer who is willing to really spend the time to sit down and get everything sorted out and make sure that you get everything that you could ever want and need – or more.

Solid team

The best wedding photographers out there have solid teams of professionals behind them and teams cost a lot of money and not a lot of them would be willing to invest in a team. Teams mean a lot of people are involved – usually a minimum of three; and they cost money. However, if you are paying top dollar for the services of wedding photographers, then you might as well make sure that you get to have nothing but the very best among the best.

Complete Package

It is also quite rare to find someone who is the complete package, someone who can both film and touch up the photos post shoot as well. It requires a specific kind of technical skill for wedding photographers to be able to touch up and fix the photos and come up with professionally finished photos. Not all photographers out there have the right kind of formal training to go along with it so it’s important for you to make sure that you really seek out nothing but the most perfect wedding photographers for your needs. Choose someone who took photography courses and really knows what he or she is doing. You get this in order and all well in place and you should be able to close in on the gaps in between.