Popular Wedding Video Tips You Can Use

Get a separate camera for your wedding video filming

More often than not, if you have stumbled upon the good fortune of being hired to film the wedding video, chances are, you were hired to take care of the wedding photography side of things as well. If this is the case (and oftentimes it really is), then you would need to make sure that you have a separate camera allotted solely for the filming of the video. You just can’t do them both at the same time using the same camera. It won’t make sense. And unless you would like to suffer from photographic schizophrenia (pun intended) anytime soon, you should be wise enough to get enough gear for the two separate coverage responsibilities.

wedding video tipsInvest in a stable and high enough tripod for stability

Hand held videos are extremely notorious for being unstable and shaky. A professional who is paid to shoot a wedding video york should be wise enough not to just hold the camera by hand all throughout the wedding event. Seriously, save yourself the trouble and invest in a nice and stable tripod that is at least five meters tall. You may not know this yet but your clients will eventually thank you for not inducing motion sickness in them when they watch your finished wedding video.

Get someone else to help you out

There is no way of arguing around this. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing this for years or if you’ve just started yesterday. The truth of the matter is that this is simply something that you cannot do alone. Professional wedding videographers and photographers always come in teams and the reason behind that is that at the end of the day, having a team to back you up gets the job done and mitigates any possible risks that may come along with having just one person cover the entire event all alone. We’d also like to go back to the fact and wedding videography and photography are two separate entities and should thus be manhandled by two or more people and not just one person.

Draw out a theme or a plot to follow

Your video should not just be a series of clippings smacked together that don’t make sense or rhyme or reason. You need a solid plot in order for you to be able to more or less bring the story together. Sit it out with the bride and groom and ask them what direction would they like their wedding video to head towards. Think of it as your blueprint for the entire thing.

Scout the location ahead of time so you can piece the spots together before the actual filming

Visit the locations ahead of time just so that you get to have a feel for the place. This will also let you envision the spots you would like to film in and what particular actions or poses you would like the bride and groom to do and how it will add up to the story board you have created for the video.

Learn how to video edit so you can touch up the raw video for processing

As with pictures, videos need touching up too after the filming process. Attend some classes or seminars for you to at least learn the basics of video editing and get your hands on great video editing software for the end process.